Elegant does not stand out

except in the way the harmony is exhibited.

Interchangeable clips

suitable for any style

Sleeg stories

Melissa, Giulia and Olga are not only the protagonist of the video.SleeG. Each of them describes their own vision of femininity

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Actress, model

“Feminine beauty is the essence of a woman, smiling, being yourself and having style. Fashion for me is “woman”, we are the voice of the world”.

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Psychologist, dj

“There is a special aura that surrounds us when we feel beautiful and at peace with ourselves. It’s good to follow fashion, but it shouldn’t be fashion that follows us”.

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Model, photograph

“They say that the beauty of a woman is her smile, for me it’s the happy eyes. I like choosing my style based on what I like and not what someone else likes”.

Make your SleeG unique

choose the clip

Make your SleeG unique

choose the color

Make your SleeG unique

choose the temples

Configure your Sleeg

Choose the model you like and customize it.

Magnetic clip

Patented technology


Elegance and functionality in a single object

Wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses as a hairband is very common practice. However, it is considered inelegant by the rules of etiquette.

SleeG offers an elegant and practical solution. A unique object of its kind, capable of transforming itself from eyewear to a hair clip in a quick gesture.

"Don’t use sunglasses as a hair accessory"
- Sunglasses Etiquette -

A style choice

Do you feel like a Sleeg woman too?

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